Georgian Fintech Optio receives 650,000₾ grant and additional investment

We are thrilled to announce that after going through a very intensive process with the international investment committee, Georgian fintech Optio.Ai received a 650,000₾ matching grant from The World Bank and GITA. The grant is also followed by the private investment that is the part of Optio’s strategic roadmap to provide AI-fueled products for local and international financial institutions.

The innovation matching grant program supports Georgian startup ecosystem development and helps startups in the process of investment raising.  Optio is among several other promising startups that have been selected for the grant.

While the company already has strong presence on the local market, having two largest Georgian banks among the clients, with 650,000 ₾ grant and additional investment, Optio.Ai is aiming to foster the development of its innovative products and to strengthen its focus on the future international expansion.

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