Data Module

For decades, the financial industry has accumulated enormous amounts of data about its customers. While this data is precious and contains essential information about customers’ behavior, it’s increasingly challenging to use it effectively.

Data fragmentation, incomplete or sometimes false information, and lack of centralization are only a few problems when companies try to utilize the first-party customer data they are collecting.

Below, we will explain how Optio can help a bank use the data as one of the most critical assets:

Optio integrates with anything

Whether it’s API, SQL, Object database, middleware, queue, or just plain text files, Optio has covered it. With its innovative data integration capabilities, Optio integrates with anything that stores data in any format.

Missing or incorrect data? No Problem

Sometimes customer’s email address is just an email address, but most of the time not. Data can be a mess, with incorrect or missing values, duplications, you name it. Optio provides data validation and cleansing capabilities and fixes data quality issues once and for all. With its automated data pipelines, you will never worry about your data quality issues again.

We categorize customer’s transactions

Companies have most of the data, but there’s always specific information that’s missing. For example, a customer’s spending or income behavior analysis can be a tricky task without correct information. Optio offers special data enrichment services that are used to enrich existing customer data with additional information such as spending categories, merchant information, social network activity, and so on.

No hidden costs of complex data solutions

You don’t need to implement complex and expensive products to consolidate and centralize your customer data. Optio does all the heavy lifting for you. You get all your customer data cleaned, organized, and accessible in a single place