Engagement Module

Banks, like other retail businesses, engage with their customers daily. But on the rise of digitalization, these touchpoints are expanding, and it is challenging for marketers to run targeted campaigns in every communication channel. 

Bringing the right message into the right channel at the right time is vital for a successful sale, and here is how we can help:

Optio is integrated to all available communication channels

Customers are shifting to digital communication and trying to avoid spam messages from companies. But that does not mean that there is no single most preferred channel or well-planned campaign in multi-channels that will bring you a successful conversion rate. It would be best if you had all the possible communication channels available. That’s what we have already prepared. Just plan and launch a targeted BTL campaigns with OPTIO.

Embedded communication rules

Often banks do not control the number of outbound communications and spam most valuable customers with irrelevant and repetitive offers in different channels. So, we have built a specific tool for marketing teams to plan and control how many messages each customer should receive to keep CEX on the highest level.

Measure campaign performance by channel

Do not spend too much time measuring campaign performance. OPTIO will provide ad-hoc reports to control how your messages are delivered across the channels and how customers react to the offers. This can save lots of time and resources for the marketing team.

Run onboarding and churn campaigns

Just acquired customers and those who show signs of churning require special treatment and orchestration from the bank side to prevent these customers from switching to the competitors. That’s why we offer to run onboarding and churn campaigns that will automate the manual work and increase customer satisfaction.