Intelligence Module

There are several areas in the world of data where data owners can extract the behavior of customers and envision their subsequent demand or wish. 

The financial industry is one of the places where we can get fascinating insights into customers’ lifestyles, potential plans, or special wishes. Every bank is working on this domain, but not all of them succeed, as extracting insights from raw data requires very specific competence and knowledge. 

Collecting these skills into the organization is a time-consuming and costly exercise, and here Optio can help with the following:  

Work with the big data with no technical knowledge

Usually, marketing and business teams do not have the technical skills to run SQL queries and deep dive into raw data. With OPTIO, there is no barrier as it provides a unique opportunity for the users with minimal knowledge of basic office applications to reach and manipulate the data, thus saving lots of time and resources for the bank

Save behavioral or demographic segments with one click

Insight drives business to micro-segments that can be targeted in the campaigns. Customer information is shared inside the organization with excel files or some other formats, which is not convenient and might be pretty risky. We can help you to save and use these segments without leaving OPTIO’s application and observe how each of them behaves in different campaigns.

No Data Scientists in the team, no problem

In modern marketing, AI algorithms help campaign managers understand the probability of sales before contacting the customer. So why not use it in the financial products sales process? OPTIO has built-in ML algorithms prepared and trained on banking data. This algorithm will increase sales conversion by 2x-3x per campaign.

Bring your own ML

If you are already working on different ML models for scoring customers, you can easily integrate these models into the sales process without any significant development or time cost.