Launched in 2016, Optio’s mission is anchored in harnessing the transformative power of data for companies. Our journey, enriched by firsthand experiences within leading banks, brought to light the widespread challenges of managing scattered data. It’s about Optio taking these insights to heart, dedicating ourselves to empower organizations by optimizing data utility, thereby nurturing customer-centric strategies.

As pioneers in Georgia’s startup ecosystem, our initial investment from Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency fueled our innovation. We chose the perfect mission-aligned idea.

Proudly joining famous startup accelerators StartupYard and Techstars, we refined our technology. Returning to Georgia in 2018, we created a comprehensive Customer Data Platform for Banks, streamlining data for efficient sales processes and better customer experience.

Today, our incredible team advances data-driven sales processes, empowering banks for a brighter customer-centric future.

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